Monday, February 28, 2011

Here Begins the Story of Pedro

Pedro is the name of my Dungeons and Dragons (DnD) character. This blog is mainly going to be following my first campaign with him. If you're intimidated by that, don't worry: you don't really need to know anything about the game to figure out what's going on here. Just understand that this writing, after a few "introductory" posts, will be based on a character in a game I play, and it'll be in the form of a story.

The title of this blog is "The Gospel According to Pedro" because I am not going to be telling this story as it is happening in this game. Yes, I am still playing the game, but I have been playing it for well over a year now. We expect to draw the story to its conclusion within 2-3 months.

One of the other people playing this game has been keeping an in-character journal of the things we have done throughout our time together. At the conclusion of the game (or, perhaps, possibly before) I (and hopefully all of us) will be receiving copies.

I intend to post on a regular basis stories based on these journal entries. That is, the story will go through two filters before it reaches you:

--The person writing it will largely dictate what I remember to talk about. Sometimes, I'll remember other "in-between" bits or be able to correct things that I remember differently, but a lot of what I post is only because this person choose to record it.

--I was there, so I experienced these events too and remember them in my own, first-hand way, but I don't myself have anything written. I'm relying on memory and what's written.

With this blog, I hope to permanently establish for myself a lasting DnD character with an extended, written back story to then go off and have other adventures in other campaigns, be they lazy summer afternoon single-sit-down sessions with old friends or something new and involved on an epic scale requiring deep characters.

That's not to mention the benefit of practiced writing.

Next time, we'll introduce the people playing the main characters and my relationship to them before the game. Expect updates to happen in the wee hours, between 12:01 am and 3 am. Next update: tomorrow.


  1. Looking forward to the update... definitely something I'd be interested in reading!


  2. Cool intro, could get other people into D&D who didn't play before. Also it'd be cool to keep your game alive even after it's finished by writing about it

  3. I can't wait for the update. Sounds like it's gonna be an epic scale requiring deep characters!

  4. this is a dam good idea for a blog. Good on ya mate.

  5. Awesome, looking forward to it. Never really played D&D, but I've seen other people do it. There is some epic storytelling.

  6. Yo sounds good, I am looking forwards to reading. Never played Dungeons and Dragons but im a geek so it's probably the type of thing I would like!

  7. It looks like good, nice post.

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  8. Sounds good. Looking forward to more posts.

  9. Woo Dungeons and Dragons! Can't wait.

  10. looks like a cool blog pedro
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